#109 Travel – ‘Quality Not Quantity For Happiness’

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he Slovenia trip is over, we are already heading back to Vienna. I think that puts the total time in Maribor at about 20 hours. It would have been less if the bus wasn’t delayed, but the gods gifted us another hour. An hour which we spent anxiously waiting in the least appealing area of Maribor; the urine filled bus station. Which is rather like getting a giveaway Daily Mail ‘Summer Hits 97’ CD for your birthday, because ‘you like music’. 

I don’t mind a bit of short trip travelling. It is true I could never really say that I’ve truly been to Slovenia, but it was a good taster, a try before you buy* kind of trip. Ask me if I’ve been to Australia though and will say ‘yes, absolutely. I have seen all of Australia’. OK, that is a lie, I was there for 16 hours, but I did scratch the whole country out on my scratch map though.

Don’t jump to conclusions, I used all 960 minutes of my time in Australia well. I saw the Opera House in Sydney, I saw the green bridge (which is actually a copy of the original bridge, in Newcastle, England). I even saw some Australians in their natural habit. Don’t worry, I took photos from many angles and changed clothes to make it look like I had been there longer*. OK, so I was never in danger of gaining Australian citizenship, but I did enjoy it. I was on a lay over, on the way to New Zealand, and figured it is not often that you’re passing Sydney, so why not pop in? See what is happening?

Doing these mini trips, short stops, gap fillers, little breaks or whatever you’d like to call then, I feel like I’m really making the most of my time/life. Of course after a 24 hour flight from London with a stop in Thailand to get to Sydney, a little sleep would have been nice. A rest would have also been welcome today as well, but I know there is nothing to learn from sleep, nothing new and nothing interesting. Sydney and Maribor offer more knowledge, intrigue, perspective and experience. So do other cities I should point out. Sydney and Maribor are not some kind of International experience cartel, monopolising knowledge and perspective.

As a general rule though, regardless of tiredness, busyness or similar, I never use that as an excuse not to experience something, or somewhere new. On the other hand, I feel like I should apologise to anyone on Flight QF161 from Sydney to Wellington on the 4th of April 2011. It was a flight in which I was given extremely generous leg room, in return for the responsibility of opening the emergency door in case anything terrible happened. Having spent 24 hours getting to Sydney, then spending 16 hours walking around said city, I can assure you, had there been an emergency during that flight; that door would never have been opened. I boarded, sat down, blinked, and arrived in Wellington.

No flights this time though, and no safety door responsibilities. We have made it back to Vienna. Not without a scare at the border however, when suddenly they wanted to see everyone’s passports – something my, now ex, girlfriend didn’t have. Their initial aggression strangely died down quickly, and I got the impression we could have got through just by showing them a Blockbuster Video card. We didn’t though, it was out of date, had to use my Nectar card instead. Boop.


*I neither have the funds nor desire to buy the country Slovenia.

*Not true.

P.S If you really want to see pictures of my trip to Slovenia, you’re going to be disappointed, as I only took one. If you want to see that one though you can head to my Instagram account.

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  1. Rebecca

    What a fun read! You still sound like you are doing well? I cant do those mini trips…. the worst case scenario always pops into my head and I will never make it back to train/bus/plane on time and will spend eternity in a foreign land and no one will ever know what became of me.

    I will wait patiently sitting on the floor hardly drinking anything so I dont have to pee, right at the gate.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Mindfump

      I am doing really well at the moment Rebecca, thank you. I know what you mean about the mini stress, I think after my ordeal in Hong Kong as an 18 year old I figured everything will just be ok. Which is probably not the right attitude and I will end up dead in a ditch one day, but hey ho. Don’t pee yourself though…

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Rebecca

            No….. priority number one is to not miss transportation. … Everything else becomes secondary…. But then of course being this focused on sonething makes me sleepy which is not good…. My mom once missed her plane home once because she fell asleep at the gate 😂. That of course fuels my fears….

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Rebecca

            I have never ever missed transportation and therefore I am not lost in some faraway land…. I just fall asleep on transportation and end up places I’m not suppose to…. Good thing they wake you up on planes! But they do not do that on trains or busses…..

            Liked by 1 person

      1. fensterbester

        Had a bit of a holiday before starting a new job. No time to waste when on holiday! But now that I’m working again, I have ample time to post (have one up already)!
        (joking, not joking)

        Soon you will wish I go back to funemployment

        Liked by 1 person

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