#110 Cameo – ‘It’s All In Your Head’

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There have been a few good cameos over the years; you’ve had Tom Cruise dancing around in Tropic Thunder, you’ve had Martin Sheen in Hot Shots! Which was one of the first movies I remember watching – in case you wondered. Not every cameo works out though, to make a good cameo you need to be self-deprecating, and take yourself out of your comfort zone*. Something Michael Jackson didn’t want to do when he turned down a cameo in Man in Black. It would have been a good opportunity to parody his image by pretending to be an alien disguised as human. He shunned the opportunity and continued being a human disguised as an alien. He did do a cameo in the second movie though.

My B movie of a mind had a cameo today, and it was worse than Michael Jackson. I had what I like to call an ‘Olympic Track Cyclist Taking Part In The Keirin Event’ kind of day, also know as an OTCTPITKE day. It was a really slow start, I was quite confused at what was going on and I found it really difficult to get going, but once the wheels started rolling, it became easier. I managed to rattle through the gears and clean my whole apartment today, as well as reply to emails, messages, and do a food shop. This was all in time for work, but that is when the cameo walked in.

He’d clearly been waiting in the wings for a good while, anxious to make his entrance. As if it was his last big chance at success. And there we had it, Mr. Blinding Headache walked in, or it could have been his half-brother Mr. Migraine. I’m not sure, I’ll have to ask Roger Hargreaves*. Either way they weren’t welcome, and were very painful.

Although I would say they are more welcome than Mr. Depression or Mr. Anxiety. Those two haven’t actually made an appearance for a good while – apart from in a sporting sense. I’m getting to a stage of quiet* optimism with regards to the depression. I feel like what I am doing is working. I’m not entirely sure what that is, but I’m going to keep doing it. Like those footballers who tie the left boot first. I think that basically means the only reason for the existence of this blog now is superstition.

OK that’s not true, but outside of extreme exercise I’ve never had this length of non-depression. I’m also hopeful that Mr. Headache remains a cameo rather than a regularly feature. I also also hope I’m not just making a cameo in Happiness, and remaking actually featuring in something as bad as ‘Movie 43‘. If there’s anymore talk of hope around here, I’ll have to change my second name to Powell*.


*Not sure why I’m talking like this is advice on how to do a good cameo. Not sure many of my readers are Hollywood actors. 

*Roger Hargreaves wrote the marvellous ‘Mr. Men’ series of children’s books

*if quiet optimism is mentioning it in a blog post to 3,000 people. 

*Reference to Hope Powell the ex England football manager. 

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  1. lumosvox

    Keep on with whatever you’re doing to keep the depression at bay. Even if it is a superstition, it seems to be working. Sorry to hear about your headache. Hopefully it is just a cameo and will soon totter off to be a brief appearance elsewhere.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. summerSHINES

    You are doing so amazingly well with your blog. I salute you for getting all those Twitter followers too. I can’t get the hang of Twitter (which for a wannabe writer is quite depressing!) I’m glad you are quietly optimistic. That is fantastic! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. summerSHINES

        I emailed a desperate letter to my care team. Not doing well 😔 Hopefully I can speak to them tomorrow. I’ve reached for the Pregabalin tonight as I wanted to SH. 😔 Thanks for liking my blog. Yours is one of my faves. Love the humour in it.


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