#117 Trance – ‘Classic Avoidance Behaviour’

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In the mid 2000s trance was it. Or at least for me it was. Perhaps inspired by the uncanny natural occurrence that is the Chemical Brothers, I thought I could make it as a DJ. There were a few small problems with this notion though. Firstly, being 14 as I was at the time, makes employment rather difficult, and by rather difficult, I mean completely illegal. Secondly I had no disposable income, and to my disappointment it turned out that records were not free.

My grandparents being ever supportive though, came round one day with a box of records. I played a couple, but it wasn’t trance, how could I possibly look cool playing stupid songs by some old band called Beetles or Beatles or whatever they were called?Then there was one with an American guy singing about hounds and dogs. It was useless.

One birthday I did managed to drag my dad to the record shop though, and as any true DJ knows, it is a community, only the losers trawl through racks of records. So over to the counter I went; ‘you got any hot white label shit out back?’. This taught me two things, firstly credibility is earned, and/or 14-year-old skinny geeky boys will never have credibility. Secondly, my dad didn’t approve of swearing.

I must say though that it is quite difficult to maintain an aurora of ‘cool DJ’ with a record shop owner whilst trying to convince your dad you didn’t say shit but in fact asked for ‘white label ship’ – a common DJing term*.

My trance phase didn’t last long* and my DJing days didn’t last much longer than that. Trance lives on in other ways though, like today. I feel like I’ve just been in a trance, zoned out, not with it, all day. It happens from time to time and there isn’t really any emotion attached to it, but I’m just within myself.  Trudging through the day in ‘Ultimate Tunnel Vision Mode’ (UTVM). I suppose that is just a variation of ‘Ultimate Avoidance Mode’ (UAM). I know by taking this approach I’m blind to a lot of the positive things that are happening around me, but at the moment I’m just on auto pilot mode and I couldn’t really give a ship.


*not a true statement

*it gave way to a drum and bass phase.

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    1. Mindfump

      You know, I hate to say it but I had once bought a Boards of Canada album to impress a girl and needless to say she wasn’t impressed and neither was I. Although I can say what I am listening to right now is Ariel Pink – Baby

      Liked by 1 person

  1. sophiaciting

    He he I can feel yah! I was older then you when trance happened and I too wanted to be a DJ. Although I did look through the racks and ask for music at the same. I had decks and everything I had a big record collection in fact. I went to A dj course and I had to do a night. So I can say I did it, but it didn’t ever go any further, eventually I lost interest! However reading your posts I can smile because you are allot like me. Accept you have a beautiful clear way of describing and an eye for design that I will never have! looking forward to reading more posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mindfump

      Ah you made it all the way through to the big deal, nice. I wouldn’t be so tough on yourself, anyone can write and I am very sure your writing is marvellous. Keep writing (and reading).


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