#118 Productivity – ‘Greatest Comeback Of All Time!’

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Red Rum was 30 lengths behind, Lasse Viren was on the floor in his debut Olympic 10,000m final, Charlton were 5-1 behind with 28 minutes to go, Oracle Team USA were 8-1 down in a first to 9 race, and Durham Colliers Boys were 1-0 at half time in the 4th round of the Amateur Boys North East Conference Cup in 2001. There have been some amazing sporting comebacks in human history, and amazingly all of those examples overcame adversity to win – apart from Durham Collier Boys who were beaten 2-1 in a drab, scrappy game. Losers.

As much as I love watching a good sporting comeback, I’ve never really been involved in one. I did used to bet on raindrops going horizontally across the car window when I was kid, there were a few comebacks then, but the results failed to garner any national interest. Today was different though, I was down and out, the game was all most over.

I woke up in deep extra time, I’m not a snoozer but I have to admit on this occasion, the snooze was used. I’m a man of routine and the clock was against me. My 2pm lunch and my 2:30pm coffee was in jeopardy. Before I could consider these things I had to buy food, do laundry, post a post, clean, apply for a job, send some emails and have a shower.

Listening to an interview with Lasse Viren after not only picking himself up from the ground during his 10,000m Olympic final and he winning, he won in a world record time. Having been asked how he was able to do it, he said that he found something ‘within’, something which ‘came out of no where’ and ‘drove him forward’*.

I wouldn’t want to compare doing laundry and applying for a job to say, winning an Olympic gold medal in world record time after having been tripped over, but I do know what he means. This drive, it came out of no where. The laundry was in, the hob was cleaned, I even showered while food was cooking. Efficient.

Its not every day this happens, I mean Viren’s feat was achieved in 1972, and here we are in 2017, 45 years later before someone was able to come up with something special once more. Everything was done and it even continued after I got home from work, I stripped some of the floor and made some new vegan dish for my girlfriend, which she didn’t finish.

I’m humble though, I don’t want the plaudits, medals or the fame. I’m just a man, an efficient, productive man, but just a man all the same. I won’t have a chance to be that productive tomorrow though as I will be flying to Scotland, to the wrong city; to catch a bus to the right one.*


*I’ve made all these quotes up, I found one interview but it was 20 minutes long and life is short.

*True story, and I won’t have my laptop top so I don’t think I will get any posts up for the project or create any pictures. I am certain you will all get over it though.

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  1. Rebecca

    Good on ya Paul! I’m stuck in a twilight zone aka Genk in Belgium…. I AM indeed on vacation and getting nothing done. Nada. Zero. Niks. Ingenting.
    No medals for me…. just time with a family that gas not shut up since I arrived. I even pretended to take a nap so they would be quiet for a while……

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