#122 Religion – ‘Stripping On A Sunday’

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If someone were to describe me to you as an atheist, I wouldn’t believe them – due to my natural distrust for unsubstantiated beliefs. I’d question your faith-based gullibility, how you could just take a strangers view of me without further investigation – or at least ask for evidence. I’d also scrutinise you and make critical personality based judgements on your belief .

Suffice to say, this fictional stranger is correct; I am an atheist. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t have anything against theists for believing in something, whatever it may be. I’d never, oh I don’t know, condemn them to eternal pain and suffering for instance.

Thankfully being an atheist frees up a lot of my time on Sundays. Today being Sunday then, I found myself with a lot of free time. Some people spend their free time lounging in the afternoon sun, going to museums or even exercising. I couldn’t do those things today because I was busying stripping – the kitchen floor.

It is an original parquet floor in an old original Viennese apartment with double height ceilings and beautiful double doors from the kitchen to the living room. The previous tenant however, made the creative decision to glue cheap lino to the kitchen floor, and lay it so poorly that it ripped in various places, and then chose not to clean it – ever. Naturally I wanted to take the look of the kitchen into a new direction, primarily cleanliness and fabulocity*.

It is repetitive work though it is repetitive work though, scraping glue off of a wooden floor. Barring the physicality though there is some solace in repetitive work. I’ve worked in factories before, and whilst I’d never advise people to choose that career, the repetition of basic tasks allowed me free thinking space. The jobs became so automatic that I essentially got paid for thinking. That is both a blessing and a… whatever the opposite of that word is. For someone who has suffered mentally in the past, having 12 hours to think in a place you cannot escape is not always a positive experience.

I learned from that though and with this task I have begun listening to a podcast. For anyone who isn’t sure of what a podcast is; it is a pea-pod with a tiny plaster cast on*. The current podcast I’m listening to is about unravelling a murder mystery and the details of the case occupy my mind. That is one way to prevent thinking, other ways including; joining an organised religion, listening to Donald Trump and watching Fox News.

The floor is currently 80% stripped, next is the cleaning and sanding, before finishing with a few coats of varnish. If you want to do this job yourself, all you need is a Flathead Phillips 4mm screwdriver, patience and wall scraper. If anyone has any information on better, more efficient tools, please don’t mention them in the comments. Otherwise I will cry, and I haven’t varnish the floor yet so the wood would be ruined.


*New word.

*This is not true.

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