#132 Productivity – ‘Am I To Blame For My Laziness?’

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In the movie Ferris Buellers Day Off I have no idea what happened because I’ve never seen it. From what I can gather from the 1 sentence summary on IMDB though is that it is about a kid who wants a day off school, much to the dismay of his principal. One can only imagine the high jinx* he got up to. I could of watched that film today because, like Bueller, I had a day off, but my day off was more of a low jinx affair.

In fairness it was sprung on me, I didn’t have the time like Bueller (maybe)* had. As is often the case in my line of work, I deal with spontaneous cancellations and today there were enough to grant me a day off. I wasn’t the only person to be presented with something I’ll never make use of today however. While visiting the Vatican, Trump was presented with a medallion from the Pope which represents peace – a technology America has yet to develop.

If having a day off has taught me one thing it is that I’m not at work as long as I think I am. Whilst at work I feel like I see seasons change and mountains form, when I’m at home I have a shower and it is time for dinner. I look around in disbelief as I swear blind I was prepared to be productive, I had it all lined up, but the day shrunk. Not my fault.

My relationship with productivity is a fleeting one though, it is typically not a long drawn out affair. I just get in and get out as quickly as possible. The day was short but not short enough as I had to spend too much time with it. You’ve done something productive and it is still there, waiting for round 2, when all you want to do is call it a taxi or as a last resort ask if they at least are using protection.

Productivity has gone now and my laziness has returned. In fairness though It has returned to a bit more of the kitchen floor being scraped. The floor is certainly slow work, although not quite as slow as actual work, which is the primary reason current theoretical physics models break down. Plus Bill Gates once said if you want a job done efficiently hire the lazy guy, he will always find the easiest way.

I’m now the CEO of Microsoft.


*High Jinx was in fact Scottish drinking game in the 18th century, who knew.

*Its not custom to base a whole post around something you know nothing about but I really should watch that film.




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  1. mahbuttitches

    hahahaha, we are kindred spirits. I swear, I make all sorts of goals and plans for myself and before I know it, nothing got accomplished, or I did 2 things that weren’t even on the damn list in the first place. Also, you really should watch the movie. It’s a good nostalgic watch with some dumb laughs.

    Liked by 1 person

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