#133 Cabin Fever – ‘Avoiding Mental Illness Icebergs’

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I haven’t been to the doctors but I think it is a case of cabin fever. I try not to self diagnose, but my cabin has been sweating, shivering and feeling weak all day. Seems obvious really. If you take a look at the actual symptoms of cabin fever though you will basically have a glimpse into my emotional state right now; restless, lethargic, lack of patience, lack of concentration, depression and food cravings*.

Edward J. Smith was the captain of the Titanic, a water based vehicle which hit an iceberg* and ultimately sank. Now, maritime law states that the captain must go down with the ship. This is because the captain bares the full responsibility of the ship and everyone on board, and therefore should stay until everyone is saved or until ultimate destruction. In the case of Captain Smith, he had plenty time to leave and plenty time to save himself, but he remained with the Titanic and ultimately died.

I’d never try to suggest that me staying home for two days to scrape a parquet floor is the same as the sinking of the Titanic, but we can’t ignore the similarities forever. Spotting the dangers to my health I chose to ignore them, I chose to continue scraping the floor, even though the threat of lethargy, restlessness and everything else was upon me. I did the noble thing and stayed.

The total cost of which is yet to be calculated, my mood is all over the place, and there were a few bickery* arguments between my girlfriend and I. I take responsibility for it, although I have to, it is my ship after all. I could have left, I could have changed my scenery – or at minimum changed the desktop picture on my laptop. But I didn’t.

Sadly if we keep going with the Titanic analogy it won’t end well, I’ll split in two and end up on the sea floor – not ideal. And obviously I can’t jump ship, not only would it be morally reprehensible, but it would also require some kind of disembodiment – also not ideal. The far easier option is just to leave my apartment for more than the current 0 seconds in 2 days. Increase that number a little and wait for the mood to improve. It is achievable and, tomorrow, necessary – I have to work. Lets just hope I avoid any stray icebergs along the way.


*Although I should say I do crave food at least 3 times a day anyway. To stay alive etc.

*Not the salad leaf.

*Don’t even know why that is not a word. 

*It didn’t.



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  1. Carlene W.

    Even if you don’t go anywhere, pop outside and have a cup of coffee, tea or drink a brew. Breathe in the sunshine or dance in the rain. We all need to take a break every now and then.


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