#135 Surprise! – ‘Coping With An Anxiety Spike’

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Many millions of people scour the web looking for the mysterious answer to anxiety, it is lurking some where, someone must know, and if they don’t, well, I’ll just click on the next webpage until I find something. Call me arrogant but I cracked it, quite a long time ago in fact, and not only is it a solution to anxiety, but it is a solution to many things.

In 2007 I went to university in London and I lived in a tower block student house. It was a modern, and sleek new building so the communal kitchen had full length mirrors, floor to ceiling, seemingly because the architect discovered no one wants privacy in the future. One day whilst cooking my student staple of Rahman noodles, I notice people waving at me from the ground. This was a surprise because being from the north many people had told me how rude Londoners were, yet there I was just making lunch and I’ve got strangers waving at me from the street. So I waved back and showed that northern spirit.

Turns out there was a raging fire on the floor above and their pleas were not a friendly ‘Hey! Enjoy those noodles! We are your new neighbours!’ but more of a ‘Get the fuck* hell out of your building you’re going to die’ sort of plea.

As it happens, I didn’t die. But there was a raging fire and, having never been faced with such a situation before I did what any 90s boy would do, and that is channel their Pokemon logic: water beats fire all day long, vis-à-vis have a shower – obvious.

That has pretty much been my modus operandi ever since. I don’t mean to infer that I am regularly in house fires, I just mean that whenever I am in trouble mentally I head for the shower. I can highly recommended showering  for spikes of anxiety but also, and probably more so, for general hygiene. Two birds with one stone as they say.

Today’s spike was not a mental health related spike, but another sporting spike. I was conscious all day of the cup weekend for football* as well as a big night of boxing. Formula 1 qualifying was on but I’ve managed to remove myself from the wrenches of anxiety where that is concerned. I’ve almost achieved this divorce with football as well, but boxing remains a danger zone for anxiety.

Kell Brook was fighting Errol Spence and lost, the loss is ok – well for me, for Kell it was probably more devastating. The event though was too much for me, so I had what can only be described as a thorough cleaning experience. The anxiety does disappear for the duration of the shower but the shower just never lasts long enough. Oh well, at least I am now the best smelling person in continental Europe.


*Trying to improve my language on the blog.

*FA Cup, German Cup and Cope Del Rey.



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  1. Bless

    First things first, thanks for the giving the result of the fight, I couldn’t be bothered (meaning I forgot) to watch it. Second, I’m with you on the whole shower thing although now I just think it doesn’t work at all anymore so I’m back to floating (lost in the sea of anxiety and depression)

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Lady Celery

        A bath actually also helps – I think it is the cimbination of cleansing (to feel “pure”), contact with water (pseudo-womb) and warmth (proven to have a similar neurological effect as a positive human interaction). Great post btw:-)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. wiltdidit

    My kids are great showerers. They didn’t get it from me though. I’ve been known to go for a run, and go to bed unshowered out of pure laziness. My wife tolerates this bc of my resemblance to Rick Astley. cough.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. bipolarsojourner

    so let’s see if i got this straight. if i am shopping at the mall, a place a regularly get anxious, i should hope to miraculously find a plumping store, which we never at malls, hope there is a working shower fixture, turn on the water, adjust the temp, jump in and hope like hell they have a towel. 🚿


  4. wiltdidit

    Run-on comment starts in 3…. 2….1 …An addendum to the shower issue – though I dislike hospitals, and have been on the inside of them all too often, one may shower with impunity there, as my wife and I both did during the labour stage of our firstborn. Remarkable the effect it has on the psyche – the white noise too. Submerging your ears in a hot tub has similar benefits. You’re welcome.


  5. This little mind of mine

    1 – evening arrogant*
    2 – PLEASE don’t sensor the swear words!
    3 – where does the anxiety around sport come in? Is there a post that sums this up anywhere?

    *How long do we address you as Arrogant? Is it a one time thing or a permanent change, and that reminds me…

    4 – where the fuck has the pink brain gone?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul Green

      Arrogance is a permanent feature, comes and goes like the weather
      I will sensor what the **** I want.
      I did do a post on this… a better blogger would have linked it and have the link ready now but it is the one with a big boxing glove and was the beginning of April. Can’t remember the name.
      The pink brain is me, it evolved like a Pokemon and I am the result.

      Love you comment, got me smiling.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This little mind of mine

        Mmmmmmm British weather? Cos that’s pretty consistent rain…
        Man those asterisks are upsetting
        I’d like to believe I will go and find that post, but sleep is going to win and then I’ll forget, can you whip up a summary?
        I appreciate your butterflyness but I still miss the brain, perhaps randomly feature him in a future post just to make me smile, you scratch my back ‘n’ all that

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Paul Green

          You are not wrong there. As for the asterisk, I can only apologise, its for the good of humanity and what better cause is there than that?

          You don’t need to find the post because being such a good blogger I found it for you. https://mindfump.com/2017/04/30/107-sport-pointless-anxiety/

          Maybe the brain will return in some capacity like a deceased dried and sheathed snake skin that I have emerged from but then use as a side kick.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. This little mind of mine

            OK I hear you, it’s just not good for my humanity 😁

            Despite the toddler and the baby keeping be awake 1:30am-4am this morning UGGHH, I have read the sports post being such a good reader, and I get it. The unknown drives me nuts more than any of the possible outcomes, an area I’d like to delve more into in the near future.

            And LOL poor pink brain! On a positive note, he did appear on my wordpress notification and it made me smile just as I suspected 😍


  6. Carolina

    This post made me laugh-loudly-the part about the fire…too funny. I have found that Concerta (Ritalin) actually lessens my anxiety. Strange? I did the shower thing until I was psychotic and then I showered all the time to make myself pure…now when I’m depressed…I’m like fuck no I don’t want to get wet!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul Green

      Not heard of Concerta before… you’re right though depression will convince you hygiene is but a myth. That is when I try my hardest to be in water – not always successful. Glad you managed to get a laugh out though 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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