#145 Rain – ‘Career Ending Decisions’

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I was hopeful of a mess around in a pool today but on arriving to work the family said it was only 22 degrees, a bit overcast with a bit of drizzle, and as such it was not the right weather to go swimming in the pool. Which, I think, is to really underestimate a British persons resolve when presented with such conditions, because to be honest, I would have given it a good go.

I do understand it though, I mean no one wants to get wet while they’re swimming do they?

The British are born into a world where there is a constant threat of rain. My grandad would take us to the beach on days like today arguing that the regular down pours would give us an opportunity to check out the promenade shops or arcades. As fate would have it though, you’re just about to win a calculator watch and the rain would stop. Time to go play in the, now, concrete like sand. ‘It’s better for making sandcastles’ my grandad would proclaim. I’ll be honest and say I haven’t been back for a long time but I’ve heard rumours of sand castle ruins defying the odds and standing firm to this day*. 

There is clearly a divide in the UK regarding the exposure to rain though, young children seem primarily affected. It appears under no circumstances should children under the age of 8 get wet. Then you’ve got the airports that close down when it starts spitting and my school would seem to close at the hint of rain on a 30 day forecast. How do these places expect to produce the next Gene Kelly if no one is allowed to get wet?

Then do an anti-Donald Trump and think of the environment; the wasted energy in filtering the pool, the chemicals in there and it is all for nothing. Then theres the lost exercise, the health benefits are gone, you end up just sat in your house eating chocolate instead*.

Now I admit, a career in dance is probably behind me and I wouldn’t want to suggest by not letting me use their family pool that they prevented the development of a future star, nor would I want to suggest they are the sole reason for childhood obesity or the rising global climate – but it is something to consider. This is not about me though, this is about the children, those are the ones losing out on tap dancing greatness.

OK, none of that is true, just let me use your pool!


*My Grandad was the site manager for the Pyramids in Egypt.*


*Not true.




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  1. BelleUnruh

    Funny post, as usual. From age 0 to 6 I lived in Canada and froze. From 6 to 17 I lived in Southern California. Rain was rare in my childhood. I love it now and love to watch storms from my balcony.


  2. intenttowin

    Thanks for sharing the thoughts about today’s kids. I saw a cartoon once of a child with dirt on its face. The caption read, “Kids now want a phone, I only had dirt.” Which reminded me of playing in the dirt when I was a kid…at least you guys had sand. LOL


  3. S. Hansen

    Isn’t 22 degrees the height of summer in England? Perfect weather for a swim.
    Best, although one could also say most death defying, swim I ever had was when it was raining. Decided that as the best spot to get a panoramic view of a lightning storm was in the pool that was where I was going to be…
    I didn’t die, you’ll be relieved to hear.


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