#147 Confident – ‘Pick Up Artist’ [Unfinished]

It is typically men who pick up women, I’ll be honest and say I don’t know enough about history to know if has always been that way but it certainly is the way now. Their methods are very impressive, and it certainly takes confidence, practice and, well, balls for want of a better word. You must be mentally tough to deal with potential failure after failure but I suppose to be a trapeze artist that is what it takes. 

Who doesn’t love a bit of misdirection? A man ironically trying to find the map shop.

I’ve never had to curtail my trapezian ways, mainly because I don’t have any, but also because I pick people up in other ways. Today for instance I choose the fairly common pick up activity of going to the airport to meet relatives (and then take them to my apartment).

It was a spontaneous decision to go to the airport as the original plan was to meet in the city – rule breaker. This haste did cause anxiety issues however when I just made all my connections on the metro, to then catch the train to the airport in time by just a few seconds. Great! Not great. In the rush I forgot to by a ticket, which meant my only hope to not be detected was that the warm summer sun would evaporate my porous anxiety driven sweat before the conductor came around.

Thankfully this is Austria where trust is handed out like lies a Trump rally. No ticket was needed after all. That induced a post train ride high based on the €1,70 I just saved, which was handy as I managed to pick-up* a smoothie from a brand that rhymes with mino-sent for the exact same price.

One more thing I will have to pick up is the rest of this post when I am not asleep.


*I actually know nothing about the art of trapeze.

*And you thought the link to the title was over.

P.S Apologies must be sent out for the lack of artwork and poor quality on this post not to mention the general rambling (because normally I’m so on point). Theres just not enough hours in a day.




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  1. Miss Positive

    I’ve got to admit I’m curious, Mindfump. WHO ARE YOU? Are half finished rambling posts another pick up method of yours? I’m a relatively new reader of this blog and I’ve hunted half-heartedly (what? I’m lazy) around some of your posts to see what I can piece together about the person who wrote them. So far all I’ve got is you have access to a pool and you’ve got a nice kitchen floor. Do me a favour and add an ‘About Me’ page to this site. You know, cos I’m nosey.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Paul Green

      Ooooo so much mystery! I did a post…mmmm #103 I think where I ‘revealed’ myself. Plus you can also see me on twitter and facebook. I keep meaning to do an about me page but it seems a little self indulgent.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Miss Positive

        Yes I can see how that could be a little self indulgent…although getting people to cyberstalk you via your various social media accounts isn’t that much different, is it?
        I read post 103 – if you think that reveals yourself, you better keep practicing your magic trick/dance routine/trench coat flashing (sorry, just couldn’t decide what metaphor to use, so used them all). Now I’ve turned you into a 28 year old wanna be magician called Pau who dances in trench coats.
        I think this reply has me coming off quite bitchy. Really I’m just trying to show off my smart alec-ness. It’s okay, you don’t have to pretend you’re impressed.


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