162 // Where Does Your Creativity Come From?

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I can’t say I’ve ever been window shopping, and by window shopping I mean, a place where you buy windows, and not a place you go to look in shop windows. I’m not sure what stage of your life the need for new windows comes into your consciousness, but It surely must be through necessity rather than desire. That is unless you are fortunate enough to be visited by an overly aggressive lovely salesman who blackmails and guilt trips offers you a pleasant range of options.

Who am I to judge? He’s just a guy trying to make a living, so we are therefore bound by modern societal rules to forego all moral objections and wish him good luck in all his endeavours.*

Sometimes though, a window just falls into your lap. That sounds dangerous, but on this occasion it was a metaphysical window, and thus inherently lacking in any physical danger at all. Phew! This window of opportunity was not just any opaque bathroom window with flowery patterns though, this was a triple A ‘Starphire’ glass window – the clearest in the business.

You see, my creativity is usually reserved for after 10pm. All my writing, and creating happens after this time. Some say creativity is enhanced at that time because of the chemical changes in the brain when you’re tired, some say it is because the darkness outside provides purity of thought*. In my case it just happens to be the time my, now ex, girlfriend goes to bed.

Today though, there was no work to be done, chores out of the way and that just left a window of opportunity the size of the famous ‘Pilkington Pane’ of 1950* to jump through. Long story short, I didn’t manage to do it. Zero creativity occurred. Turns out it was not my fault though, it was an administrative error.

Normally when I want to enter the creativity zone of the brain, I pop over there and say hello to Tim, the security guard, and help myself to some creativity. Today though, when my, now ex, girlfriend fell asleep on the couch I went over to the creativity zone and couldn’t find Tim. Turns out Tim had been given the day off by Barbara (head of HR), who had been told by Joan that I didn’t have a day off today. That’ll happen to you though, just when you need things to go your way. And its not Joan’s fault either, I know her son, Christopher, has been having trouble at school, so I’m sure she just had her mind on other things.

So, I didn’t manage to write a post earlier in the day as hoped; the well was try and Tim was away. At least there were no meta-physical windows smashed, and it is worth nothing that you often need something negative happen for something positive to happen. That is why as of tomorrow, there will be a new rota board for Barbara.

Oh and to answer the question. Mine comes from Tim.

Paul Green

*A riff about Vance Miller, the man who sold knock off kitchens whilst skirting a number of employment laws – but there was a backlash to his arrest because ‘yes, he was doing something illegal but he was just a man trying to make a living’. An old story but just read about it recently.

*This is all not true I just made it up.

*This is actually a real thing – the biggest pane of glass ever made 70ft!

N.B Window image is from Pixabay 

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  1. intenttowin

    My creativity comes from everything around me, and memories, good or bad. I’ve had an interesting life, and can finally share the stories my husband (after nearly 20 years of marriage) has still never bothered to listen to me tell.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Angela DeRiso

    I believe that on some level creativity is genetic. I have artists on both sides of my family, so I’m willing to bet that had a big part in it. I often think about the first early human that started cave paintings, and how that trait eventually passed down through the ages to become as complex as it is now. Definitely food for thought. Thanks for stopping by my blog, too! I appreciate it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul Green

      You could be on to something, there could well be a creative gene. I hope so because it gives me reassurance when I’m having a particularly creative lull I can be sure it will come back because its in my genes.


  3. maryammunir

    Its good to read that post. You have started it so well. The connection between the words and storyline..i have read it all.
    I think that the creativity needs a peaceful mind and place to get a super idea. During late night hours when everybody is sleeping and the place is silent. Though the mind is fresh in morning according to most of the people to start a work. But the creativity is something different it needs a stress free zone and mind..

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