163 // Using Mindfulness To Control Anger

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In the TV show ‘The Incredible Hulk’, which ran from 1978 to 1982, Bill Bixby who played Bruce Banner refused to be on set while his alter ego The Hulk, played by Lou Ferrigno, was also on set. This was because in the Incredible Hulk mythology Bruce Banner never has any recollection of anything he did as the Hulk. Having knowledge of what Lou Ferrigno did would break the space time continuum. Which is the sort of commitment only Daniel Day Lewis would dream of, especially when the low budget TV show was only aimed at children under 10. One other interesting fact about the show is that Bill Bixby, still the man who played Bruce Banner, studied Nuclear Physics at Harvard to prepare for the role*.

I’ll tell you something, I don’t know if I am the real Hulk, but then again, how would I? Bruce Banner never remembers. I have looked around my apartment for clues, theres no green body paint on the furniture and there are no wholes in any of the doors, and I certainly didn’t see ‘goons’ shouting ‘we gotta get outta here!’.

So what evidence do we have here? Well my surname is Green, and the Hulk is green. So far so HULK SMASH. I personally don’t possess super human strength, but neither did Bruce Banner, he was a genius scientist though… I only managed to get a double award level C  for Science at high school. OK, lets call that a minor set back.

Major points for irritability though, I’m not sure irritability counts as extreme emotional stress but then again in one episode Bruce Banner turned into the Hulk because a boy whipped him with a towel 3 times, so I’d say yes. The irritability I have today is all coming at the wrong time though, it has been 30+ degrees every day for a weak – unbearably hot, but today it is nice a cool. So why the sudden irritability I hear you ask, well hold on a moment and I’ll tell you, just calm down OK, don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

Well the truth is, I don’t know. I did meet friends today and had a nice late breakfast into lunch, also known as ‘Brunch’. No qualms to be had, returning home though I stagnated more than the careers of every cast member in the Breakfast Club. Productivity was halted, and barring a couple of Dunkin Donuts, the afternoon was uneventful. This is just speculation of course, I’m not entirely sure why I felt so irritable. I just know I do, and did.

It is interesting though, because as a thought experiment I tried to do what all the cool kids call ‘mindfulness’ or at least what I imagine mindfulness is from the name. I thought about the process, accepted that I was irritable and focused on not letting it boil over – wouldn’t want an Incredible Hulk on our hands would we? I think it worked, as there have been no tediously long, overly dramatic final battles causing exceptionally unnecessary collateral damage, strangely mimicking every United States war strategy of the last 30 years.

It is still bubbling though, under the surface and I am sure any little thing will set me off. I’ve managed to keep it under wraps and avoid any triggers – something Bruce Banner was terrible at. It is almost as if he had to put himself in those situations every episode to ensure the Hulk turns up. Otherwise I suppose they’d just have to name the show ‘Rather Clever Science Man’, or in my case ‘Skinny Irritable Bad Teacher Man’. Catchy!

Paul Green

*That is not true.


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  1. Beckalee

    I hate those days, when you’re filled with a damn near homicidal rage for no reason. This has happened to me more and more often the last 6 months. If you come up with an answer that’s not “drinking”, let me know. Didn’t seem the mindfulness worked so well. Good luck though.

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    1. Paul Green

      I’ve never been much of a drinker, I’ve just managed to fester for a while with no discernible outcome. Feeling a bit better now though. And I edited it for you 😉 (and deleted your other comment)


      1. Beckalee

        Thank you! I hate when typos linger forever in my personal history of the Internet. I’m sorry you’re festering. Not pleasant. The drinking works for me because 1 I’m not much of a drinker either, I do it pretty rarely and 2 because I am a very happy drunk. So it’s efficient for those really angry days. Have you tried punching something? (I’d recommend NOT a person) Or watching a really violent movie? Or listening to angry music? Or being annoyed by nonstop questions from someone on the Internet? Might help.

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  2. mahbuttitches

    I’m having the same sort of day. I realized I was biting everyone’s head off, and I desperately just wanted to be left alone. I think that’s mainly what sets me off if I just don’t get enough time to myself, and I’ve had my kids and friends up my ass too much. Mindfulness does help a lot. I find getting outside for a moment, even, and looking at the sky or focusing on my breath and only my breath really helps. Hope your day turns around, and thank you so much for brightening mine and giving me a chuckle!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul Green

      Sorry to hear you are having a similar day :/ Seems to be going around. Time alone is definitely a factor I think, not that I need it all the time but certainly when I feel like this, if I have an environment where its ok to be agitated and not be around anyone to take it out on maybe the way. As for my day, it is just about to end as its 1:30am 🙂 I hope you have a good day!


  3. S. Hansen

    I’d watch Skinny Irritable Bad Teacher Man.
    I mean I once watched a show about a retired Japanese policeman who went for a walk and ate some food while imagining he was on a great samurai adventure… so maybe I’m not the best judge. But I’d watch it.

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  4. desertcurmudgeon

    When I was a kid, I came up with an idea for a spin-off to The Incredible Hulk, titled The Credible Hulk. The protagonist of the show inherited his Hulkism congenitally. And it happens whenever he feels any emotion too strongly, including happiness. So he has to sit in a room with no TV or radio or computer or books or decor, doing nothing. It’s an hour long, like the original, and most of the time you just watch him sitting there while the clock ticks audibly. Then, twice an episode, like clockwork, something happens like a package arrives at the door or a cute girl selling Girl Scout cookies. He hulks out, punches the few possessions he has, settles down and sits back in his chair for another 20 minutes. Cue the sad piano music and the closing credits.

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  5. theanxiouslifeblog

    I exercise and put in my ear buds when feeling irritable. Every day when my neighbor gets home and plays their music with that damn bass that shakes my whole apartment, I want to go downstairs and rip all of their limbs off and beat them to death with them.

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  6. megjcrane

    I’m usually an irritable monster, but I’ve been with a concussion the last few months and “irritability” is a symptom, so that’s been super fun. But I’ve been fully conscious of my fits of rage and been able to apologize for Hulk’ing out, so it’s safe to say I’m not She-Hulk. I thought this mindfulness thing was bs and just another fad, but I’ve been doing some meditating and regularly taking stock of what’s going on in my brain has let me have a bit more control. I still get irritable, but I can acknowledge it and figure out why more quickly.

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    1. Paul Green

      I’m right with you about mindfulness not sure what to make of it. Although I’ve done zero research and have so far just guessed what it might mean. How long until you’re no longer concussed?


      1. megjcrane

        It’s been four months and probably at least a couple more concussion months to go. It’s hard to predict. The Headspace app has a free 10 day challenge that is sort of a mindfulnes for dummies. I recommend it.

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  7. crazyruthie

    This is an awesome post! I’m a big fan of comics so I’m pretty familiar with the Hulk.

    Your discussion of him and the TV show (I saw some of it when I was a kid.) Is right on the mark.

    Irritable, yes, I can see irritability being on the edge of anger. Bruce Banner starts turning into the Hulk when he gets angry, but it’s really irritated that leads into the anger in a snap. But it seems like the Hulk is is a little kid whose anger and irritability​ are almost the same thing.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Paul Green

          I have to say that I haven’t seen any Avenger movies I actually think I’ve only seen the old TV show in passing haha. The majority of my posts are about topics I don’t know a lot about so I have to learn more about them (New post is about hang gliding haha). What did you think of him in the Avengers? Should I watch them?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. crazyruthie

            He’s interesting in the Avengers because Bruce Banner feels incredibly horrified and guilty about what he does when he’s the Hulk. He’s much more violent and destructive than in the tv show. He’s so unstoppable that there’s really no point in having the other Avengers. He’s just as menacing to them as he is to everyone else.

            So, he’s way over blown.you have no connection to him. Honestly, he’s my least favorite Avenger.

            The movies are good!

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Paul Green

            Ahh right, it is really interesting the way they play with these mythologies. I’m not great when it comes to superhero movies I must say. Really loved the Christopher Reeves Superman movies though.

            Liked by 1 person

  8. reganbarsdell

    I’m terribly disappointed the * wasn’t true, but that seems churlish after such an enjoyable post. Whatever computer is writing the screenplays for the superhero films should be replaced by you. Pronto. And quickly.

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  9. The Cake Watcher

    Love this post – I hate it when you just feel annoyed for no apparent reason. I’ve tried to start just ignoring it in the hope it will go away rather than giving it any breathing space or trying to investigate why I feel that way…


  10. minndworldi

    Nice post. I’ve heard there are 3 stages of development in dealing with anger: first, when you try not to act under an irresistible impulse being angry, second, when you practice to act opposite to an irresistible impulse, and the last, when you are able to see all different possibilities how to act at the moment and you can choose the most useful because your impulse doesn’t own you anymore.


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