175 // When Are Good Things Bad?

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Theres a famous quote by someone I haven’t researched that states; ‘too much of a good thing is a bad thing’, and this is probably true. In fact, I can’t think of many instances when it is not the case. I mean, even if you inhale too much oxygen you will die. And then eat too much fruit and you’ll be best friends with your toilet roll holder. One thing which is never noted though is that the quote is actually unfinished. The quote, from a person I don’t know, goes on to say ‘too much of a good thing is a bad thing, but life is about finding the exact moment before the good thing becomes a bad thing’.*

So, when I was at university a friend of mine worked for a merchandising company that gave out free samples, and invariably he would return from work with boxes of unused samples. On one particular day he came home with a full box of Maoam, and not a counter box that you see in a shop. I’m talking standard issue, about to move out of your marital home for good, kind of box. There were thousands of Maoam bars in there.

If there was ever a sign in life that I was the chosen one, the man to find the elusive ‘Good Thing/Bad Thing Threshold’, this was it. Needless to say the Threshold for Maoam bars is relatively low, with a made up score of 73.5 bars, that is the score in which you bottom out into an sugar addicted Maoamer for life who will shun the Orange flavour because it has 3% less sugar per serving*.

It is an interesting observation for a few reasons. Firstly, Maoam’s tagline is ‘Full on… til Its Gone’, which can be, for the first time ever, debunked right here on this blog. Secondly, the rules of scarcity dictate that if you have too much of something you get diminishing returns, so therefore pseudo logic would suggest that if I don’t have something very often, it should provide me with more value…

Yet, as we all known a day off roughly converts to three quarters the length of a normal working day. It seems my early Maoam research was all for nothing.  Today I had my first full day off in a long while. One of those days where you wake up and are completely safe in the knowledge you do not need to do anything or go anywhere. Even if you have things to do they can wait a few days. A true day off. It really was the kind of day when I could finally get down to doing the long list of creative endeavours or catching up with friends I’d neglected, family as well.

By the time I had reminded myself of those facts though, it was 7pm. So by the time I got around to doing any of the things I’d been excited to start for months it was time to start winding down my day. If I wound down my day anymore however I’d have to wear a Lehman Brothers* badge.

I don’t particularly feel better mentally because of this though, I think it is like when you are really tired and you finally get a chance to sleep. You sleep for 14 hours and feel worse than when you went to bed. I’ve had too much free time already, I mean, I had too much free time at university, but at least I was conducting important Maoam research then.

Paul Green

*Literally made that all up, so the rest of the story would fit.

*That is a dubious claim.

*Thats a topical joke from the year 2008 there.

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  1. S. Hansen

    I always learn something reason your posts. Today I learned you need to practice having a day off more regularly. Giving yourself a bunch of things to do like creative endeavours and catching up with friends is not taking a day off.
    We’re talking rolling around in bed until you’re to hungry to stay there anymore, eating Doritos because that’s a solid meal and playing FIFA… this achieving absolutely nothing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. elbycloud

    Funny you should mention 2008. I spent the day cleaning the scary pile of papers overflowing the “party box” I shoved under the desk in 2008. How do I know the exact date? Because the expiry dates on half the stuff dated Dec 2008.
    I have seen the other side of a so called productive day and let me tell you, the smugness is short lived. I mean, I’ve pointed out the empty area under the desk to everyone in the family and they all just shrug, like, “What? Was something there before?”
    Also I’m pretty sure there were mouse droppings, so imagine trying to get to sleep with that thought.

    Liked by 1 person

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