177 // 3 Ways To Live The Life You Want

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In some very unscientific way I have realised that the goals of the average person have changed dramatically in the last 50 years*. Back in those days, there was a desire to grow up and work in a specific industry or field, such as; footballer, astronaut, cowboy, or a princess. The idea, subconsciously, is that you would contribute in society somehow, whether it be through entertainment or discovering a new planet. Now though, things are different aren’t they? people don’t want to be anything anymore, what we want now is based around what we do on a daily basis. And the pinnacle of this new wave of aspirations is to do… well, nothing.

And who are we to judge, I mean they’re only following orders from Sir Bob*. Bob Dylan famously said ‘A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do’. The problem we have though, is that we have entirely misinterpreted that to mean, do absolutely nothing. Sit around, eat junk food and watch Netflix.

OK. I’ll give in, as products and services continuously switch to market lead strategies I shall do the same. If you want a guide on how to be a lazy person who does nothing and contributes nothing to anyone anywhere, I will give it to you.

The first way, is the most sought after way. This way actually forms the basis of modern society and the economy. What you do is, firstly, get obsessed with accumulating money, so much so, that you should forego any morals or appreciation for wealth distribution in a functioning community, and specifically care less for the fellow man, safe in the knowledge ‘you earned every penny‘. Once you have accumulated this money you will think you can now sit and do nothing, when in reality you spend so much of your time trying to accumulate more money you forget about happiness, goals, dreams and never actually have the free time to fulfil the laziness plan.

The second way is be a Shaolin Monk.

The third way is; move to Ireland with no job, no immediate need to work and stay at your girlfriends parents house. I can provide living proof of this theory, as today I have achieved what we have all be trying to achieve – nothingness. I woke up, as I do every day, and soon I will go to sleep, safe in the knowledge I have done exactly what I wanted to do – success!

Paul Green

*I have absolutely no basis for this claim whatsoever but I just wanted to say I had a good day and enjoyed working on a few creative endeavors. 

*He is not a sir. 


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    1. Paul Green

      Well I’m putting together a book at the moment, so I’m unemployed in the sense that I’m not getting paid to do anything but my days are predominantly writing. So that keeps the boredom away. Plus I had a busy 2 years in Vienna so the peace and quiet is perfect 🙂


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