179 // Out Of Quarantine

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Theres a little known rule when you emigrate to the Republic of Ireland and it is the ‘Quarantine and Cultural Appreciation Transformation’ rule, also known as the QCAT. The QCAT states when you arrive in the country you must spend the first 5 days in your new place of residence and reside there researching Irish heritage and culture.*

The reason I never mentioned this previously is because there is obviously a media embargo whereby one couldn’t publicly speak about QCAT when they’re in QCAT. And it is absolutely not because I just made this all up today.

It ended today though and I certainly took advantage of it. Today we went out into the town of Limerick. In the town we saw many tracksuits; tracksuits on many people who did not look like they had seen a running track for a while, but who am I to judge? maybe they were shot putters, or wrestlers.

I even got to see some of the famed Irish countryside, which I have been researching during my QCAT. And it truly was stunning, rolling hills and ambling footpaths. We rested at one of the biggest lakes in the country to read. This is what the QCAT is made up by me designed for, it gives you an appreciation of the country and allows you to experience it properly. Plus the 5 days of anticipation really pay dividends.

The hot warm Irish Sun shone at its brightest today, clearly waiting for me to leave the quarantine. The Sun definitely has healing properties, it lifts me, physically, mentally. It makes me wonder why I spent the first 5 days here indoors. I’m plonked right in the middle of the Irish countryside and it has taken me this long to explore, to see take in my surroundings.

I suspect my apprehension is partly laziness, but coming from a capital city, I don’t think I was quite sure what you’re supposed to do in a field, or on a path. Paths in the city take you somewhere. In the countryside they are the event. It’s the journey not the destination and all that. Having said all that, I don’t think I actually went on many ambling foot paths today, I was mainly dodging push chairs and pasties in the town centre, but the sentiment was there.

Paul Green

*None of this is true. 

FEATURED ARTWORK: This weeks featured artwork comes from the marvellous artist Dave Kirkwood, who kindly allowed this piece to be featured. I think he is a fantastic artist who I found through twitter and if you would like to find more of his stuff, something I’d strongly recommend, you can find it here.

If you would like your own artwork to be featured please use to the contact page to get in touch.


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  1. elbycloud

    So jelly. I am a fan of Neil Delamere and listen to his SundayBest podcast Gearóids Guide every week – even though most of what they talk about takes place in Ireland and I’ve never been (and don’t get half the references). Please, please, please if you go see the Musical of Angela’s Ashes, blog about it for those of us less fortunate.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Paul Green

      Funnily my girlfriend was telling me about the Angelas Ashes musical this week. It finishes on Saturday, so we will try and get some ticktes and report back. This whole world is new to me to actually, so I’m sure I wouldn’t get the references either.

      Liked by 1 person

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