183 // The Boredom Challenge

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When does the sky become space? When does red become yellow? When does Wheet-a-bix become mush? When do cells become conscious? When does your belly button become a hideout for fluff? When do sounds become music? When does the metaphysical concept of ignorance become Donald Trump? When does a caterpillar become a butterfly? When does relaxation become boredom?

I will be honest and say I only know the answer to one of those questions. I mean, I could probably have a stab in the dark where some are concerned; Catapillars go into a cacoon then magic happens and it flies away as a butterfly. Red becomes yellow after it evolves through orange, which also happens to be the meeting point in which the metaphysical concept of ignorance becomes Donald Trump.

I surely know the answer to the last question though and that is because I realised what happens when you are too productive. If you’re too content and you finish the endless list of things you wanted to do in a day, then nothing is left. The moment of transformation between relaxation and boredom is a personal one, and for me it happened approximately 3 minutes after I finished everything I wanted to do today.

Had I visualised my day by writing it down, there would have been a large gap after doing work with the words >INSERT FUN HERE< or something which is a more common the worry; >DO ANYTHING AS TO DISTRACT MYSELF FROM THINKING TOO MUCH< a gap with hours to fill and no chores to fill it with is a scary situation with someone who is troubled with mental health issues.

You can’t just give me 5 hours of completely free time. Paradoxically, I do realise it is something I strive for almost every day, but still, don’t give it to me. Are you mad? It is like donkey with the carrot and the stick. You don’t give the stick to the donkey do you? What use is a stick to a donkey?*

So, my new task was to keep my mind busy, which lead me back to reading, which lead me back to headaches, which lead me back to boredom, which lead me back to thinking. The moment relaxation turns into boredom for me is when I start wishing the time away. And if there is one thing I think should be a crime against humanity, it is wishing time away. We don’t get a lot time on this planet and to be sat in one of the most privileged places in the world wishing it away is frankly embarrassing. I’m sure there is a phrase attached to that (in)action; something like ‘privileged guilt’ or ‘self-absorbed narcissist blogger syndrome’.

Either way the general life plan is challenge myself and not to let myself reach that point – to avoid the switch over into boredom. It could be worse though, I could be Donald Trump orange.

Paul Green

 *A philosophical debate for another time.

 P.S Ah yeah, I should also say that even though the Mindfump shop has actually been open for a little while I finally linked it to the blog. If you want to give me all your money in exchange for what is essentially coloured paper, you can do it there. If not then you really won’t enjoy the experience. The link is below or on the homepage. 


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  1. complexcase

    I hate that! I hate that I work and wait all week To ‘rest’ on sunday and when I finally get to ‘rest’ (chores complete) Im Bored and I can’t sit with myself because as you said MH issues! I did do something new though the other day and decided to just change it to something to make me happy. which was anime, so that was cool, I hope I keep it up. Still no solution for the ‘relaxation’ and not doing anything thing though. :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul Green

      It is a tight spot to be in, I’ve never checked out Anime, maybe this is my time! I especially hate the working week, as that is when we seem to wish away time the most. Hopefully there is a happy medium out there somewhere.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. intenttowin

    I have a sister that simply must be ‘entertained’ every waking minute. YouTube, phone calls, going to town to buy one item, something must be going on all the time. Sometimes she makes me tired just trying to get through a phone call.
    As for me, I can sit in silence and just enjoy the still and the quiet before everyone else wakes up and all the lawnmowers start bursting out.
    I have an old saying you’ve probably heard before, “I am not afraid of work, in fact, I can lay right down beside it and go to sleep.”
    Thanks for your thoughts.


  3. Martha Thompson

    I can relate. I used to be terrified of boredom, and would plan my day to avoid it, but as I’ve gotten older, I’m less scared and less bored. Maybe that’s a gift of aging. I still have a list I follow every day to prevent boredom, but don’t feel so desperate. Thank you for your post.


  4. lexydragonfly

    Glad you stopped by my blog because yeah, I identify with this completely. I am a doer, per se. I have a list, I get things done. I’m happiest with I have a project to re-organize. Here’s the thing: I also have fibromyalgia. To manage that I found sitting down for 4-6 hours a day to be the solution in order to maintain my busyness and social activities. During that time I watch mindless tv (most people wouldn’t admit to this, lol) while crocheting or doing a puzzle or, well, anything so I can have a maximum amount of distraction! Alone with my thoughts?! I think not, lol. I almost want to print this out, hand it to my health care team and say, “Me!” 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul Green

      I agree with you apart from the list thing, I’ve never been a list person. I don’t know why exactly but I feel like I’m wasting time writing a list, whilst I could actually be doing the things I need to be doing.

      I am glad you relate to this though. And I look forward to seeing you around the blog 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lexydragonfly

        For me, it’s not really about listing things so much as being able to cross stuff off. It’s an amazing source of satisfaction to see a host of blue lines across whatever I wanted to get done, lol. Yeah, you kind of have to be a list person I suppose. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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