#PersonifyME Winner Announcement!

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When presenting a winner, TV shows and radio shows like to build suspense by delaying the announcement. This faux delay adds to the tension and excitement they say – that is why you will be waiting about 30 seconds looking at what looks like a still image to find out the winner of the next X Factor.

Some people* however, build this suspense by completely forgetting to officially announce the winner at all.

The #PersonifyME project was a collaboration between myself and the illustrator who goes by the name of ‘Things Dre Makes‘. The aim was to personify your mental illness and then draw that for the world to see. It ran for the whole month of May to huge success, as the blog received more submissions than was possible to post. The posts were viewed almost 20,000 times during that month alone!

In early June I sat down with Dre and picked out a winner from the published posts. I can finally reveal (officially) that the winner of the project was a lady who goes by the name of Sarah Jane. The illustration she submitted is the feature image of this post and I am sure you agree it is a worthy winner. Sarah runs the blog ‘Dates and Deployments; The life of an Australian army wife‘, which I hope you have already visited/followed.

The reason I was sparked into finally announcing the winner officially today is because I received news that the winning care package had finally made it all the way to her home in Australia! Sarah did a reveal post over on her blog, so if you would like to see the contents you can head over to this post.

Beyond that I would just like to say a special thank you to everyone who took part, it was great to read and look at your fabulous posts, especially considering how personal the issues discussed were. There will be new projects coming up on the blog in the future and I would love you all to take part again.

Paul Green.


P.S If you would like to take a look at all the entries again you can do it here.



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