189 // Which Personality Type Are You?

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To understand this complex world we like to put people in nice neat boxes*, whether it is a completely nonsensical star sign system, a personality type, gender, race, heritage, a physique type or a productivity type. We love it. Why bother with the complex truth when we can just lump 7 billion people into a few small categories? Exactly.

The reason a lot of these catagorisations seem to work though is because of a regular feature on the blog; a certain P. T Barnum. He developed a set of linguistic tricks that prey on the innate human desire to apply our own meaning to things.

For instance he could say something specific about you, like; ‘At times you are extroverted, sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, reserved’. Firstly, it is a completely nonsensical statement, and shows the inherent ridiculousness in catagorising people. That is because it says you are both introvert and extrovert,which makes you neither. Secondly, the sentence is entirely based upon how you see yourself, most people like to think they can be social when they want to be but also have reserved moments. To what degree that is, is up to you, and that is where you relate. So in essence, you relate to your own projected meaning.

Still though my star sign said I’m going to take advantage of an opportunity today and writing this post could be it, so I’d be a fool to let it pass me by.* But then again I don’t often let ideas pass me by, that is because I am a bona fide ‘Starter’.

Since the age of about 16 I have been hitting fairly consistent productivity patterns, and if you go looking into the ‘Productivity Personas‘ list, of which there are too many 20, you will find ‘Starter’. Objectively and unequivocally a ‘Starter’ is definitely a person who has ideas for projects, starts those projects, but then finds it difficult to finish them for a variety of reasons. This could be because you don’t know how to or because you get too excited about the next project and start that one instead.

That is me.

I am doing it again, and to be honest I am amazed that I have kept this blog going for a whole 7 months, as typically, I would have started a different project by now. However I suppose if the lifetime of my blog is 10 years, this is still the start. Behind the scenes though, projects are starting left, right and centre. From putting the book together, putting the shop together, speaking with charities about projects, a new daily project for the blog and the latest thing is; a second book.

I’m so interested in the idea for the second book that I have instantly stopped thinking about the first, and since began researching the second. Classic ‘Starter’ behaviour. I’m not sure how to switch over to ‘Finisher’ behaviour, or even ‘Achiever’ behaviour. But I get the feeling that if I don’t work on something when I have enthusiasm, or when it interests me then it will never happen at all, which is ironic considering I rarely see projects through to the end anyway.

Paul Green

*Not literally.

* The irony if that came true would be more enough to confuse 3 black cats crossing the road in front of you.

P.S If you’re wondering; yes, I do catagorise all my followers and you’re in the ‘Awesome Reader’ category, but unlike other more common categorising systems, this one happens to be true. Thanks for reading, as always.

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