194 // Mental Illness Has No Chance

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In the olden days there were a group of people called the Philistines and they had a captain called Goliath. Well, I don’t actually think he was the captain but he was the tallest and meanest so all the other boys let him do what he wanted. On one particular day in a specific time in real history, the Philistines were having a casual tussle with the Israelites, when suddenly Goliath stepped forward and said ‘a one on one match would be better’. So your big boy G stands alone waiting for his challenger, and up crops your small boy D.* The crowd gasp – David is no warrior, he is just a small man person, there is no way he can win.

And it was difficult, don’t get me wrong. Goliath was a mountain of a man, so David thought long and hard, before cheating his way to victory, but it was a hollow victory, as the result was eventually annulled by the Warrior’s Court of Arbitration.* Theres no places for bullies in this world, and David really stepped over the boundary. Cutting off Goliath’s head is one thing, but stealing his clothes was frankly unnecessary. Especially as David wears a European size ‘S’ and Goliath was at least a double X L

This couldn’t happen in my world right now though, not today. Today I flew home to the UK for a long weekend with my family. Although I neither have qualms with the Israelites nor the Philistines, I was not going to let Mr D for Depression kill me and steal my clothes today.

Walking around today, going to the cinema and walking the dog, I felt like I walked into battle with loads of strong people around me, supporting me all the way, and David Depression is no match for that. Naturally though I was stood behind all of those strong people shouting insults at Depression, like the guy who hangs around with the bullies, but never actually gets physically involved.

Support is up there, with exercise, as joint winner for ‘Best Way To Beat Depression 2017’, although unfortunately for me I’ve had very limited opportunities to exercise and I often don’t physically have a lot of support around me, in terms of friends and family*. That has all changed this weekend though and David is going to get what for – that murdering clothes stealing hooligan.

Paul Green

*D stands for David.

*Couldn’t find the reference for this, but I’m pretty sure it happened. 

*Because I live so far away.

P.S I never usually explain any jokes which may or may not be hidden deep inside the text, but just be aware that I know in the true, real, 100% fact story David is the good guy – but that would mean my analogy wouldn’t work, as depression can’t won’t win.

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  1. Bumble&Hare (@bumbleandhare)

    Big P enters the arena, the crowd goes wild. Little D lurks in the shadows, unwilling to enter the brightly lit ring… the crowd is unsure, muttering amongst themselves, suddenly Big P reaches through the ropes and grabs Little D by the throat, dragging him out into the open- what’s this?! Little D is wearing what appears to be, well nothing! The crowd is laughing wildly. Little D, finally out in the open is caught butt naked and looks very, very bashful. Big P will be delighted to take this win, the competition was quite frankly not dressed for the occassion. The crowd is overcome with rapturous applause. This will do wonders for Big P’s confidence moving into the next round. Congratulations Big P! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. ibizagoldgirl

    I long ago decide to go with it, whatever ‘it’ was; I do me and you do you. This is you doing ‘you’ taking time to look after yourself, being a great Son, Brother, Friend, Writer .. Depression will not win! Family time is the best time and your family will help you through when you need it, as will all your loved ones, including your WordPress Family. Have an Amazing time and rest up.
    BTW – I am loving this graphic, I follow a blog called Chaotic Shapes – go check it out 🙂
    {{{BIG HUGS}}}

    Liked by 1 person

  3. PrettyPinkandGirlyBlog💕

    Thanks Paul. It was really amazing reading your blog post about mental illness. Depression is a never ending battle and we must keep winning against The D*


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