197 // Mental Health Discoveries

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There are many times when I think long and hard about the analogies that I base my posts upon*, other times I find myself in one. Literally in one. Like I was today. After spending most of my time with family on my visit here to see my family, I was not surprised to see my family. But I did also manage to see a friend today. We were short for time so my Mum suggested we go to a place I’d heard the name of many times.

I grew up 5 minutes away from this place and even had friends there. So I knew everything there was ever to know about it, especially because it only consists of; 1 road, 1 school, 1 pub and an off-license*. So I wouldn’t have typically gone there, but time was short and, well, why not.* Just to summarise my thinking so far; I knew of this place all my life, knew everything about it, it is a very poor area and I knew everything about it. There was nothing else I could have known, I knew every blade of grass and every lamp-post. I knew everything about this area. Couldn’t have known more.

As it turns out there is a beautiful stretch of coastline behind this area, which I knew nothing about.

I lived 5 minutes away from this beautiful coast line for 18 years and never went once that I remember. The geography of an area doesn’t change that dramatically in a human life time*, the sea is in the same place it has always been, and the roads are virtually the same as they always have been in my life time too. Yet, somehow I manage to miss something so beautiful right under my nose this whole time (You can see a picture on my instagram).

Here I am after 18 years of living in that area and I am still learning, still understanding what it is truly like. The truth reveals itself slowly, and it is upon us to reveal it. Or my mum – who suggested it.

From meeting my girlfriend to moving to Ireland, to visiting family, I am always learning about myself. Writing, talking and being myself is the way I reveal things about myself to myself, that I never even knew existed. They have been there the whole time, not hiding, but just yet to be discovered. I’m sure there’s even more to come, and the discoveries both geographically and mentally are as profound as they are sublime.* I just wish my mental discoveries would get me more likes on Instagram. The Metaphysical has always lived in the shadow of the tangible.

Paul Green

*Sometimes up to 7 minutes.

*A shop that sells alcohol but doesn’t have a license for you to drink it on site… hence the name ‘off-license’.

*The town has a reputation for poverty and violence – pretty good reason ‘why not’.

*Unless you live on tiny islands which are being decimated by climate change. 

*If you visit Blackhall Rocks based on that description you are going to be bitterly disappointed.

Read more, it’s good for you.

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  1. Anonymous

    Every cloud has a silver lining, sometimes you only need to open your eyes* 👀 to see whats in front of you. Enjoy your view, if that’s lacking enjoy your vision (as opposed to your television).


  2. ibizagoldgirl

    Turn down the wrong street, get off at a different stop and decide to do things differently – discovering yourself and the world you live in is a wonderful thing. For all those years you only knew the surface of that little town and now you know that it and its residents have a place of beauty and hope to keep them going. Beautiful photo, great post

    Liked by 1 person

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