232 // Starting A Youtube Channel & Creativity

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If you happen to have a magnesium torch, and decide to go for a swim, or happen to be in a sustained period of depression which could be (expertly) compared to moving through water – then you are in luck. That is because the only material that can sustain a fire underwater is magnesium, and that is handy, because I am not only metaphorically living underwater at the moment, but I am also rather poetically in a dark place as well – If I had a stone, two birds would be dead.

That is until today, well, I say today for convenience, but in reality I’ve been feeling better for the past few days. Today my enthusiasm returned for the blog, and for writing my book, and for creating in general. That said, whilst I do have all the enthusiasm of a Catherine wheel, I have about as much focus as a Catherine wheel which has snapped and is now hurtling towards a group of children.

I suppose the important thing* is that I am now ablaze… and, ok yeah I have no idea where this metaphor is going but I have a YouTube channel. And a bit of history you won’t find in the Microsoft Encarta 2003 CD-ROM, is the fact that I actually had a YouTube channel over a year before I started blogging (dun dun dun). In fact, it is the reason I started blogging in the first place.

In 1928 Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin because he was a dirty man who didn’t clean away his left over food. In 2015 I discovered I needed to write a blog because my videos were so dull complex that I felt the need to explain the nonsense deep intellectual meaning behind them. Naturally they both fizzled away, and I deleted the blog and stopped creating videos, but the important thing is like the fat kid who takes part in school sports day; I tried.

Now as many a drug dealer will tell you; you have to try everything once. I’m still yet to see any drug dealers have a go on a kazoo or run an off-beat mosaic shop but I do think there is some truth in the saying. The most interesting part though is that quite often the people who sprout this phrase are actually the people who will immediately question you when you do try something new. That is because for them the phrase actually translates to ‘I want you try something that I really want you to do’. That is why you’re the one who is being encouraged to do a line of coke or ride a unicycle down a mountain*.

So the long and short of it is, I’m not a drug dealer and I’m not an unscrupulous friend trying to injure you, but I’d strongly encourage everyone to try everything (positive) at least once. Write a book, start making videos, paint, volunteer and do something that you’ve thought about but never had the courage to try.  You see, the world seems to be waiting. Waiting and ready to crush and ridicule anyone that tries something – ‘Ooo look at them trying‘. Well now its OK because you have me in a booming voice behind you saying ‘Go, try it, and if you fail, come join me on the failure table’.

Growing up I have thought I’d be successful in every area I’ve tried, whether that be a karate master because I went to 4 classes as a 9 year old or whether it was getting a best newcomer award at the Tribeca Film Festival because I cleverly illustrated office life in a 2 minute video. Then there was the time I thought I was going to be the best games artist, or an Olympic high jumper because David Atterwell tripped and got disqualified from the competition and I won by default. There was also the time I knew I was going to be a Michelin starred chef because I could cook a spaghetti bolognese from scratch in under 20 minutes.

And therein lies my problem.

When my Catherine wheel is lit, it is never secured to a particular project, it is just lying there on the ground whizzing around a bunch of different projects in a beautiful ball of light. Either way though, at the moment I have been handed a magnesium Catherine wheel and I’m just glad it works underwater (I’ve never been so excited by metaphorical chemistry before.) I mean it though, try something.

Paul Green

*What I say in this sentence is not true, the important thing is to make sure your Catherine Wheel is securely fastened and a safe distance from any flammable materials before lighting. 

*A legitimate sport which can surely find its origins in the phrase ‘you’ve got to try everything once’.

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  1. HyperchildChillmom

    My daughter is doing the same thing. She has a youtube channel, but making it work can be a struggle. We started this blog as well, but she struggles to write. I enjoyed your post and it is a great source of encouragement.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul Green

      I wish her great success, it is a lot more work than people first imagine but if she wants it enough and keeps going I am sure it will be great.

      Add in the links here so people can find her and I’ll be sure to follow/subscribe.

      (if the comment gets put in spam I’ll go find it and repost it)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul Green

      My pleasure! I’d hardly be the one to be given advice, but I suppose in general I would say she should focus on things she likes doing and definitely not do something because she thinks other people will like it. Ignore views and subscribers, they will come in time. Above all else have fun, if she’s not having fun it’s not worth it I’d say. That’s my 2 cents worth anyway – good luck!

      Liked by 1 person

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