I Published A Book!

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So I finally published my first book, isn’t that marvellous?* Until this point though, I never quite understood how naked that would make me feel. I’m pretty exposed right now – figuratively speaking.

Simply put the book is 100 days in the life of a mental health sufferer, and that person would be me. For people following the blog from the very beginning, you are going to see a bit of familiar content as the journal entries are in large part taken from the blog. Although I did put the book through an online plagiarism scanner and found that I have in fact only plagiarised 68% of my own writing, so that means there’s 32% of new content! If you have only been following the blog for the last 3 months or so then you are going to get the full whammy of new content.

I’m certainly not releasing this book to make any money, and that is why I’ve kept the price low. Even if you find you can’t afford to buy the book then do not despair, I will happily send you the e-book myself for free. I’d much rather people have access to it than not, especially for the sake of a few euros. Just send me a message via the contact page, and I’ll be happy to oblige.*

If you are fortunate enough to have a bit of money and would like to buy a copy, you can do so from some carefully picked retailers. I wanted to pick online retailers who respect the industry and want to see it grow want to destroy every independent bookstore and dominate the market forever. So that is why I picked;

Amazon – Google Play – Apple iBooks – Kobo – Barnes and Noble

Now that the book is out and the depression is dissipating I will be back to blogging more regularly. So all you need to do now is go and tell everyone about this wonderful new book. What I would say in all seriousness though is if you do read the book, and especially if you buy it, please submit a review from the place you bought it. The reviews really help me out, and all the proceeds will be put into my next book.

Ah, yeah, one more thing. The physical edition will not be out for a few months. The physical edition will include the illustrations that accompany each blog post, and I’m currently too lazy to edit them all working on putting them in the book.


*Rhetorical question. Don’t answer that.

*Probably should keep that between ourselves, I am fairly sure it breaks some kind of publishing agreement I have with the resellers. 



  1. Miriam's Art

    I would greatly appreciate a blog about how you published your book. For example your editor, publishing company and all you experienced! I too would like to publish a book and would find your comments beyond value! Wow! Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Paul Green

          I used a company called Pronoun, although as it happens just this week they are closing down so I’m about to lose my ISBN and it will be removed from sale in January! Ahh, fabulous. Although the paper copy should still come out then.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. deepanilamani

    Hello Paul. Thank you for coming to my blog and liking my articles. Because of that I found your blog and your book. I have already purchased the kindle edition and reading it. Well done. It is very interesting and once I finish I will write a review on it. I hope you read some of my articles on depression as I am a survivor of it and it has gone into remission now and I am studying for a Diploma in Psychology to further my knowledge and also to help others more. Keep going and Best of Luck from me 🙂


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