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Whatever your motives for blogging there will be a certain percentage of people out there who will be doing it entirely for the money. Whilst the delusion that there is actually any money to be made is cute, it is also artistically corrupt. The mental starting point for blogging should be one of love. If you don’t love it, you will be left unfulfilled. Rather like firemen and women, nurses and teachers. These relatively low paid but extremely demanding jobs can surely only be done for the love of helping others. And yes for the record, blogging is as demanding as being a nurse.*

So what about those people who do it just for the money? Well, you can tell there is no love there. From their glazed generic typeset, their love for bullet points and their sudden interest in certain products which may or may not have been sent to them for free in return for coverage. They muddy the waters with blaisé controversy whilst offering the intellectual equivalent of a broken footstool. So devoid of genuine insight and personality they need topic generators to help them write about Kim Kardashian for the 10th time that month – but really KYLIE JENNER PREGNANT?!

Naturally though I am the opposite of all those things and clearly the saviour of blogging. I manage to tread that line of mainstream success while delivering uniquely interesting content. And that is why I have managed to make almost exactly 1.7 million during my short blogging career. It is quite the sum of money and I don’t take it for granted, in fact, I can only thank you for helping me to get there.

I don’t know when I will ever get to Iran to use my 1.7 million Rials but when I do, oh, it’s going to be wild.

You see, there is no real money in blogging, or in self-publishing. The vast vast majority of people will never make anything at all, which is a terrible shame because the work and effort that goes into creating these things is enormous. I guess I just got lucky with my 1.7 million Rials.

Some topics make more money than others of course and in the case of the Mental Health blogging money is especially tight. That is because there’s no real money to be made from people with mental health. They not very marketable. Although if you did want to make money from people’s mental health you would be America a Tory Government disgusting a drug company.

I’ve had a few approaches from companies to promote various things on the blog but I’ve always opted not to. You see, if I was a makeup blog or a lifestyle blog I would be sent loads of cool clothes and all the lovely new face painting makeup*, but I’m not. I run a mental health blog, so naturally, I get contacted by drug companies who want to sell you drugs. One particular company wanted zero disclosure i.e. they wanted me to casually talk about my nonsense intellectually engaging content and then just somehow get the subtle message of ‘BUY MORE DRUGS!!’ into my blog without telling you I was being paid.

Don’t get me wrong, prescribed drugs can be the support people need to battle their mental health but I can’t advocate self-medication from suspiciously ambiguous drug companies. Go see your doctor if you feel you need help and let the professionals decide.

At the moment blogging doesn’t make any money for me so I am forced to make money doing things I don’t enjoy, and whilst that makes me sound like a sex trafficked prostitute, all I’m actually doing is selling broadband and my soul. I will keep reporting with regards to how you make money blogging but at the moment, I haven’t come close to cracking it.

If you clicked on this link to find out how to make money you have a right to feel aggrieved, especially given the title, but I’ve got to get that advertising revenue from somewhere.* If you set out to blog in order to make money, you have been corrupted. Write about things you enjoy, review things you actually want to review, and whatever you do, don’t chase the dollar – It will cheapen your content, your quality and ultimately your credibility. Be yourself.

Paul Green

*It’s not.

*’At our company, we think you are beautiful, so paint your face with our product’

*I have currently made 437,000 Iranian Rials from on-site advertising.

Read more, it’s good for you.

I Published A Book!

193 // When Depression Was Your Friend

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  1. ibizagoldgirl

    This is my fifth and I hope final blog. I have tried different writing styles and content. I first tried to write an anonymous painful blog for my PMDD but couldn’t face the truth and wondered where the people were, so then I tried to review books which was boring, I then hit the jackpot with a fashion blog as I was a fashion/beauty journalist and unlike a lot out there I actually had owned a beauty salon and am a qualified MUA. I had great success with this blog but it wasn’t me. I used to get free stuff, invited to openings and began talks about cash per click. Life has a funny way of giving you what you really need and unfortunately my readers at the time could not give a touche éclat about my illness so I started this one and Gold Glitter Girl which I contribute to when I feel like it. My work is out there for those who need it and I only wish that comfort and understanding be found. Financially I am happy to one day set up a website and promote my little blog of sadness if I can get the balance right. It is a labour of Love and no recompense is required.
    This is a brilliant way to build a portfolio and I know my friend that soon this will take you where you wish to go as you are Fabulous!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. EmotionalNotions

    Hahaha,love the direct (indirect) way of pulling us in. But it’s true. Why sell your soul to be under control. Isn’t that the whole premise of trying to “find” yourself. Being you and no one else. It can take a lifetime if your settle for society’s ways. Thanks for the like. I had fun reading some of your posts. Congrats on your book too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Zachary A Fast

    I completely disagree with you on every aspect. Your words can and should be turned into money, and there is money to be made which is why my site digitalpub.space gives a all in one course how to make money blogging. You don’t charge the people reading money. Theres the love right there. The reader enjoying your information. Companies, Advertising and other marketing business’ pay you to put their ads on your blogs. There is nothing corrupt about that. Why shouldn’t someone get paid if they spend hours writing? This makes no sense to me. Turn your words into money…… I have Love, Passion and Complete Respect for the Art of Writing. Thanks…

    Liked by 1 person

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