Winning An Oscar // Is Thinking Useful?

Back in college, I studied philosophy and once we had got past all the tedious terminology and the colossal battle of minds, I couldn’t help but imagine what a strange working day it must be for a philosopher. Essentially their job is to think and to read, or on a special day, maybe even both. Obviously, they need to write their thoughts down occasionally but primarily they just think. And that in itself is a strange thought because we all think, all the time.* So, in essence, they sit down and do something that is being done all the time anyway.

This week I had an extremely busy week in my quest for an Oscar. More in the sense that I was too busy to actually do anything at all. Being busy in other ways doesn’t mean I couldn’t think at the same time though, and it was actually very fruitful.

I’ve struggled over the last few years to really tie down who the only two characters in the film are. I know who they are in one sense and I know why they are on screen but I could never really see what exactly they wanted to talk about in the moments I needed them to talk. I’d often play out conversations with myself while driving – which was handy because I had several long drives this week. Although the conversations were not useful, although it did help define who they are not.

In the times I wasn’t talking to myself in character I would think, and think, and think. But I realised there seems to be a few levels of thought, even consciously. If I push the thinking too hard my mind stalls and splutters, if I try and catch it off guard I end up thinking whether deaf people know the difference between someone screaming and someone yawning.* So, I need to find this middle ground, the sweet point if you will. And It is an extremely rare occasion when I do. Today though, whilst actually trying to formulate an update, this update, on my progress it hit me.

I am a visual thinker and rather than solutions coming to me in the form of sounds or pictures I see shapes and movement. And today, the quandary surrounding who my characters really are and what they are feeling came in the form of two elongated yellow irregular triangles.

graphy 2

Something like that.

And, what that showed me was that the older character is the top triangle and at the start of the film it represents his level of concern for the situation they find themselves in, which increases as the film progresses. The bottom triangle is the young character and represents his level of relief and happiness over the course of the film.

Major breakthrough.

That is because I now know exactly who they are and what they feel (fundamentally) in all parts of the film and can plot the dialogue around their changing attitude over the course of the film. I use the modal verb ‘can’ because I haven’t actually written anything yet on this front, but here’s another modal verb for you – will. I will do it, before the next update.

See, so there was not much writing or editing but a lot of thinking this week and that basically makes me a philosopher, I’m already depressed and have a massive disregard for hygiene; I’m basically Jean-Paul Satre.


Paul Green

*Some world leaders not included.

*Recently watched Baby Driver.


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  1. stainedclassmonarch

    May I hug you (virtually) for this one?
    Because I think I should. I feel the same with my quest for Booker’s (HAHA joke!). But honestly, I feel similar with my 4 unfinished novels. I’m writing a novella now, and went through similar spiral as well. Boy this struggle of thinking too much is real.
    However, your method of visualization is indeed great (and helpful).
    Thank you for sharing it with us fump fump!
    I will store the tears of joy in a crystal bottle when I’ll see you giving the Oscar speech.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul Green

      You’ll get the Booker one day! And I had to google novella, over thinking seems to be a creativity killer. Or at least in my case. I’ll give you a special shout out at the Oscars ceremony! And good luck with your novels

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul Green

      Mmmm I was mixed. I got the concept but didn’t really like the result. The music always took me out of it or felt overbearing. I really like baby’s relationship with Debora and the interaction with his foster dad. The rest of it was a miss for me. I might write a proper review so that’s a sneaky peak. What did you think?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. BelleUnruh

    Before I paint a picture I usually think about it for days. Thinking in shapes is interesting. Glad it helped. My sister sees people as colors, fabrics or multi-colored patterns. I am a puffy white cloud, my husband is brown leather, one of my granddaughters is plaid. Lol She sees what people call auras, I think.

    Liked by 2 people

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