447 // Dealing With Separation

Dealing with separation can be tough, and it can come out of nowhere, and without warning. Naturally, people react to it in many different ways and I am no different. Is there a manual for this kind of stuff? Conventional wisdom says ‘shake before use’ and it is generally good advice but I am no smoothie, nor am I a Freshly Pressed ‘But Sat On The Shelf A Little Too Long’ Orange Juice.

Maybe I’ve been sat on the shelf too long or maybe I just need a good shake. Today my mood and my energy levels have separated. To anyone not sure of the science around this – sit tight. SCIENCE INBOUND. The Hiphospherate Separation of Mood and Energy is when, in layman’s terms, your physical energy rises to the ‘top’ but your mood is actually very low. This is more like a bottle of orange juice that has been sat still for too long. It is still orange in colour, so outsiders still see a positive and cheery exterior but they are unaware that the little bits of actual orange have fallen to the bottom – unless they look closely, obviously. But who looks at things these days? This form of separation can be particularly useful for people with mental illnesses as the abundance of energy distorts the low mood and people, the outsiders, are none the wiser of said mental illness.

Conversely, Dextro-Hiphospherate Separation, or DexPhos, to Cool and The Gang, is when you are actually exhausted physically but still find yourself in good spirits. Think more; tin of full-fat coconut milk.*

Both of these states are rare, and that is because more often than not mood and energy are intertwined. That is why you will find if you have high energy levels your spirits will also be high, and vice versa. It is no coincidence people have 7 coffees in the morning in order to get their energy and their mood up to a socially acceptable level. Equally, if you’re depressed you invariably find you also have low energy like some sort of buy one get one free not-so-special offer.

I am not depressed today, I am in fact a tin of coconut milk and the cream has risen to the top. The symptoms are easy to spot; I am exhausted – probably as a result of me working 4 weeks of full-time work for the first time in about 5 years. The other major symptom is that despite the cheery disposition the exhaustion makes for incoherent rambling that may result in the fabrication of sciency sounding words to explain a condition I may or may not have completely made up for my own amusement.

Paul Green

*The creamy goodness rises to the top.


  1. Nicole Starbuck

    Thank you for this – you’ve very aptly described the unusual feelings of high energy/low mood and low energy/high mood. Like you said, both of these states are rare, however, they’ve popped up for me in recent months and confused the heck out of me! I didn’t know how to describe these conditions, but you’ve put it into words beautifully.

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  2. tilsunset

    Tis an interesting phenomenon. Anxiety can be like that, in a way. The appearance of calm on the outside – whilst inside, you are in fight-or-flight mode, trying to fight every impulse to attack or flee. And no one knows. They think you must be fine, when in fact you simply skilled in retaining some semblance of control for a time. People have often described how calm and peaceful I am, and they do not see the fight within.

    That being said, I am doing alright 😉 Enjoying the imagery of some lovely coconut milk. Thank you for writing.

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