(2) What To Do When Someone Doesn’t Love You Back

Geez, Think Written really went deep quick. Hot on the heels of the whimsical ‘what is your favourite weather?’ we go straight into the lost and lonely place of being unloved. Nothing like being blindsided to start your weekend.

2The Unrequited love poem: How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back?

Emotions seem so random to me that they lack all the credibility necessary for me to take them seriously. Their irrationality is a good starting point for this, as people will say the heart wants what the heart wants, and love is blind. So is Stevie Wonder but I won’t be calling him up for relationship advice. 

The heart wants what the heart wants because it is a child that lacks the intelligence or experience necessary to make an informed decision. Like a child constantly picking McDonald’s over a salad. The child thinks that they just like McDonald’s but what they don’t know is that McDonald’s has spent decades designing their food so effectively that even though we know it is terrible we still ‘want’ it because of the chemicals, fructose, sugar, salt and a weird clown man. 

That is how I rationalise my dislike of emotions anyway, other people might interpret that as me being scared of emotions, afraid to truly open up and accept these feelings. The idea that if I open up myself to genuine emotional connection I am opening myself up to the possibility of being hurt. And my response to that is; you best eat those fries before they go cold – do you want a McFlurry?

So I’m not quite sure I’ve had a feeling of unrequited love, but I suspect it wouldn’t be nice and because that is a possibility I’ll take reasonable steps to completely deny the existence of any emotion, ever. And if they do exist, which I can neither confirm nor deny, they’re stupid. So, ner ner ner ner.

Paul Green


  1. helentastic67

    If you love something? Set it free. If it comes back it was always yours.if not, fetch it and kill it! Thoughts? However, the more P.C. Version is Kick him to the curb and find someone worthy of your love? Nailed it! Cheers,H


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