(3) The One Way To Get Where You Want To Be

Think Written have come up Donald trumps again. Today we’re covering vessels… or ships, or any vehicle, or anything – anywhere, I don’t care just go! Reach those dreams!

3. The Vessel: Write about a ship or other vehicle that can take you somewhere different from where you are now.

If you want to get to where you want to be then before we move on we really need to know where you want to be. That is unless you do some sort of ‘life-goals-Skyscanner-pick-any-date-in-any-country’ kind of approach – patent pending. If you do take that kind of approach you could end up in, oh I don’t know, Ireland, and is that what you really want?

So where do you want to be?

The majority of people decide this based upon a thing, a specific thing. And whilst not everyone can be as insightful as I can, I do think it is the wrong approach. OK, so you want to be a millionaire or drive a fast car or have 10,000 Instagram followers or never work again. See specificity at its most specific. The problem with specific goals is that you either reach them or you don’t and neither of those options will satisfy you. 

We know this because a lot of peoples’ dreams are to have exactly what you already have, they want your phone, your laptop, your job or your house. They want your husband or your wife, and they’d do anything to have your life. Yet we already have those things and we don’t feel fulfilled. I may be slightly projecting here, but let’s face it I spend most of my spare time stalking you and reading your Facebook posts – I know who you really are.

The way to get where you want to be is to make the place you want to be the place where you are. Then what you need to do is make the process of being where you are the place where you need to be are in the spot where others strive to want to be and be the place are – you following? So if you are in the spot where the place is that you are being there will be no need to think about the place you are going to be in because you are… in the place…

Now I’ve no idea where I was going with that last paragraph but I really enjoyed writing it – oh hello Mr. Subversion I didn’t see you come in. Did I just illustrate the point whilst being the point? Why yes I did. 

Not that I have any authority on this whatsoever but I would recommend focusing on the ‘going’ part – because regardless of what goals you set, you are going somewhere (and nowhere). So determine how you want to go; what that should look like, the method, the vessel (I knew I’d tie this back somehow) or the mode. You will spend much more time ‘going’ than you will ‘getting’ so simple maths tells us to enjoy that bit the most. 

There you go, don’t pick destinations or dates. Just pick anywhere and enjoy going.*

Paul Green

*This post was sponsored by http://www.skyscanner.com

P.S. It wasn’t really. 


  1. sadiewolf2014

    That was brilliant. Earlier today I thought about something similar re self realisation: Remember that you are already there all you have to do is realise it…


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