(4) Dancing Yourself Out of Depression

It has taken four long days but we finally get to talk about King Julian. The last three prompts were heavy, tiresome, cumbersome, somesome and some. But today we get the comic relief, like a sunny break in the clouds. Today’s prompt is:

4. Dancing: Who’s dancing and why are they tapping those toes?

By the way, all of these prompts are on Think Written, and if you just can’t wait to find out what will be written next; you can check. Like the kid who opens and eats everything from their advent calendar on December 1st. Or even better, the kid who eats all the chocolate and then has no idea they were supposed to be eaten in a certain order, doesn’t know what advent is, and quickly frankly is confused as to why such small chocolates are hidden behind such finicky doors. It is just plain impractical for chocolate eating.

Ignorance is the best medicine to inane rules, traditions and life in general. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people don’t have the benefit of ignorance, that is except King Julian – the professional whistler. 

Not everyone can be a professional whistler, and quite probably that includes King Julian too. However, when he can say that many of us can’t is that he had the courage to not only state his goals but to attempt to reach it – in public. It should also be said that if you laughed at King Julian and he wasn’t so ignorant you would be a contributing factoring in his terminal depressive state. You’d be partly responsible for quashing his future attempts at success and suppressing his self expression. 

And if that makes you feel bad just remember that it was a hypothetical situation about a fictionalised animated movie character voiced by a very a very successful actor, voice over artist and journalist who has stated his goals and also attempted them in public. 

Another reason you don’t need to feel bad is that I can’t imagine a world where King Julian has depression. Not of course, unless it is a world where he thinks he has depression for 12 seconds so he can reminisce with Maurice about the time he battled depression.

And the whole reason I thought of King Julian today was because of this clip;

Whilst the clickbait title of this post suggests I’d be here telling you about how dancing could save your life and do these 10 dances and you’ll never cry again. In actual fact, I’m telling you to watch Youtube videos of King Julian, which is frankly much easier and funnier catalyst to get you or anyone else out of their depressive stupor.

If that doesn’t work then, I don’t know, have a jiggle or something.

Paul Green


What did you make of that then?

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