About Me

Paul Green

My name is Paul and I spend a small portion of my free time writing for my own amusement, the majority of my other time, however, is sold for not a lot of money to people and companies that want me to do something I typically don’t want to do.

The aim here is to flip those two things around.

I’ve lived in the US, UK, China, Austria, Finland, Germany and my new home Ireland to try to make this happen. I also have a piece of paper that says I have a bachelors degree and another piece of paper which states I have a masters degree, neither of which have so far helped me to achieve the aforementioned aim.

I have struggled with mental illness since my late teens, although due to a significant lack of knowledge I just thought it was normal. Turns out depression is not normal and, is, in fact, an illness. To be around me you wouldn’t think I was but a significant proportion of energy goes into concealing that fact.

I began writing in January 2017 for the purposes of journaling my daily mental health, that quickly evolved into talking about anything but my mental health. I have zero previous writing experience – in fact, in a previous job they thought my writing was so poor they sent me for a very expensive dyslexia test. Turns out I am not dyslexic but I just have had a very poor level of English.

Despite this level of English I did manage to publish my first book ‘100 Day of Mental Health‘, which chronicled the daily life of a mental health sufferer – and rambled on about monopoly, frogs and Superman in the process.

Other than that I currently have no awards, appearances, credits, or achievements to speak of – 50-meter swimming badge notwithstanding. The swimming badge did help me during the swimming leg of the Zurich Ironman though and the general fitness it provided allowed me to run a few marathons.

As for the blog, well it is a light-hearted and humorous look at often serious topics. Nothing too dark will be found here, but you can bet your house on sarcasm, satire and irony. That basically means you shouldn’t take anything I say too seriously.

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I also run a website called Genuine Casio, which exposes terrible job offers and job advertisements. Check it out at the link above.

And finally, I do love hearing from people whether it is just a hello, to collaborate, or even something more extravagant. So please feel free to contact me below.